Choose the right equipment


In general, most of the ropes in our store are standard three meters long. They would be acceptable for any gymnast under 5’11” (180cm) tall.
Usually the length of the rope is too big thus it needs to be adjusted.  The rope needs to be cut on both sides (so that the center of the rope is not moved) and tied with two similarly sized knots, on both sides.
To determine the size - stand on the rope, the knots should be between your underarms and shoulders.
There are no regulations for ropes. It is reccomended to cut your rope as best for you. Hold the both ends at armpit level while stepping on the middle of the rope to measure it. It is recommended to mark with tape before cutting, to prevent fraying.




The diameter of the hoop is determined by the height of the gymnast and not by her age.  Generally, the diameter of the hoop should be between gymnast’s hips and waist.  Hoop Chacott measurements are the measurements of the interior diameter.
Put a hoop aside for measuring. Reccomended hoop height is at your hips.

Height of the GymnastHoop Diameter, cm
Until 134 cm.70
from 134 cm. to 150 cm.75
from 150 cm. to 160 cm80
from 160 cm. to 170 cm.85
170 cm. and over90



For the gymnasts under 7 years-old and under 4’5” we recommend the junior size balls.  Gymnasts over 10 should be practicing and competing with the standard size balls.


In general, when the gymnast holds the ribbon stick down to her side, it should not touch the floor.



Generally, the length of clubs should not exceed the distance between the gymnast’s wrist and shoulder. Take a club and measure the length. Club should not hit your chin or nose when extend your arm and are handling.



Generally, the length of the ribbon depends on the age of the gymnast. Please see the table below: 



Length of the Ribbon

14 years-old and older

6 m

9-14 years-old

5 m

9 years-old and younger

4 m