How to manage the rhythmic ribbon

We advise to not wash the Chacott ribbon because it reduce in length

We carried out tests to check what happens when the ribbon is washed, Below some tips on how to wash it.


Before washing.


After washing - each ribbon has shrunk -

As the picture above shows, the ribbon shrinks when it's washed, due to the characteristics of the rayon material. The shrinkage is different depending on the dye and the dyeing method, for the tests we used three different types of ribbons, one multicolored, one solid and one of the Infinity series.

Washing test


1) We selected the same colored area and prepared two pieces of 40 cm each.


2) We washed three different pieces in water at normal temperature.


3) We spread the tapes on a towel


4) We remove the water in excess


At this point, the multicolored ribbon and the solid color ribbon were 38 cm and the Infinity was 40 cm. The Infinity has not changed, but the other two have contracted slightly. After this, we naturally dried the ribbons.


This is the result after drying. The multicolored ribbon is 36 cm, the single color is 36.5 cm, while the Infinity is 38.5 cm. There is some difference, but all have been reduced!

The ribbon shrinking speed varies depending on the environment, such as temperature and humidity.

Why are rhythmic gymnastic ribbons made of rayon material?

Rayon is a recycled fiber obtained by dissolving the pulp of wood and similar. The main advantage of using this material is that generate less static electricity. The environment for performing rhythmic gymnastics is often full of objects that generate static electricity, such as clothes and mats, which are often made of chemical fibers such as nylon and polyester. The electrostatic charge is considered one of the causes of the ribbon adheres or gets tangled in the body. Therefore, rayon, which is less likely to generate static electricity, has traditionally been used on ribbons as the main material to help gymnasts.

The ribbon is a simple instrument in which the warp and the weft alternately intersect, and is glued in such a way that its fabric does not move. In the past, a glued tape made a rattling noise. There seem to have been more people who washed the tape to reduce the sound because they were anxious. However, improved glue and improved processing technology have made it a flexible and soft material, so the sound of the tape can be reduced without washing, so there are no problems as it is. If the tape is washed the glue falls, the belt tension disappears and a disadvantage is generated.
·Operability deteriorates
· It becomes easy to form a knot first
· The tape breaks

Before washing

After washing


The glue is working (soft tape) with the right tension


The ribbon washed the glue yields and the ribbon is without tension


Before washing. No change when you push the tape from the bottom with your fingertip


After washing. If you push the tape from the bottom with your fingertips, the tape breaks.

Plain fabric (shuttle weave)

Plain weave is a fabric in which warp and weft alternate.

Shuttle weaving is a weaving method through a shuttle with a weft thread wound between the warp threads, and the folded portion of the weft thread becomes the ear of the fabric..


Normal weft organization (shuttle weave)

Please do not iron the brand part! It will deteriorate

Applying heat to the FIG and Chacott symbols at the beginning and end of the tape can cause the symbols to deteriorate.


Manufacturer brand


Manufacturer brand after ironing

If the ribbon curls

If the tape is rippled, iron the iron from the marks. The temperature should be set to an average temperature (140 to 160 degrees) and will be applied while pulling the tape. Please do not spray with iron! If you need to iron the part of the symbols without deterioration, make sure to apply a cloth from the side without the print (back side) between the tape and the iron and heat at medium temperature .

In conclusion

If you wash the tape, it will become a non-standard product.

At 10 cm from the terminal part it is marked with a FIG marking (standard test FIG), so it cannot be worked at all, including cutting and washing.

388/5000 The white 000 rhythmic gymnastics belt is mostly dyed, for this the 6m tape is about 6m 40cm and the 5m tape is about 5m 30cm so that it does not become out of specification even if dyed and contracts. Since the shrink rate varies depending on the dye and the environment, be sure to check that it is the standard size after dyeing.